The Railway. Burnham Market’s Most Unique Retreat

After more than a year of us all thinking about travel rather than actually traveling, it’s kind of no surprise that so many people are itching to get out of the house. People want to explore again, head to the beach again, go on coastal walks again, eat the freshest of fish and chips again… Read more »

Six Reasons to Book Your Summer Break with Barefoot Retreats!

The Year-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named is finally behind us and getting smaller and smaller as we hightail it towards a life that somewhat resembles 2019. Okay, so we’re kind of glossing over the current situation a little bit because, well, you know, Lockdown 3; but if there’s one thing we’ve gotten really good at over the past year… Read more »

Ten Christmas Traditions That Will Get You In The Festive Spirit!

Sing along with us: “It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yearrrrrrr”. And at the very centre of it all is Christmas Day, where we each get to revel in our family’s weird little traditions, awkward dinner topics and wacky shenanigans. Of course, for all the nuances that make everyone’s Christmas Day different, there are… Read more »

Seven Unforgettable Experiences To Have In Norfolk This Winter

Sing along, everyone: “It’s the moooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yearrrr.” And we’re not just talking about what the American’s like to call the holiday season — we’re talking every second of Winter. The sound of Michael Bublé’s velvety voice, the chance to enjoy a calmer pace of life, hearing your teenager ask their crush… Read more »

Seven Amazing Picnic Spots On The North Norfolk Coast

Fact of the day: picnics are life. That spontaneous way of dropping everything, heading out into the sunshine and dining outdoors on a banquet of ridiculously tasty finger food; the sun warming your skin, your friends and family boosting your mood and the wind gently blowing your hair so that you feel like a supermodel… Read more »

The Best Fish & Chip Shops Along The North Norfolk Coast!

We don’t know how this happily married couple first met, all we know is they go together like two peas in a mushy pod. But forget everything you may know about where to find the best batch of fish n’ chups, because nowhere does this British staple as well as North Norfolk. Not Whitby, not… Read more »

Welcome to Norfolk’s 6 Dreamiest Seaside Towns

There aren’t many things us British folk love more than talking about the weather, getting fish and chips come Friday or enjoying a nice long lunch at a proper pub-pub , but flocking to the beach come rain or shine to get a little taste of life by the sea is one of them —… Read more »

Six Places That Are Perfect For Your Christmas Day Walk!

Sing along, everyone: “It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the year.” Especially Christmas Day. After another gorgeously festive December full of ice skating dates, steaming mugs of hot cocoa, decorating the house with whatever you could find under the stairs, dropping hints as to what you want, looking for hints as to what your other-half… Read more »

Norfolk’s Most Romantic Cottages For A Couple’s Getaway

Nothing is dreamier than a couples getaway. It’s your chance to grab your partner/spouse/major crush by the hand and rush off on a trip for two, away from the noise and know-how of your everyday lives to bring back some good, old-fashioned romance into a dating world ruled by Netflix and Two For Tuesdays pizza… Read more »

Seven Historical Spots In Norfolk To Check Out This Autumn.

Close your eyes and picture yourself spending a week exploring the North Norfolk: your mind is probably conjuring up images of big skies, long coastal walks, sweeping beaches, windswept salt marshes, warm pub lunches, gorgeous flint houses and hot chocolates being slurped in cosy cottages with cosy fireplaces. That’s exactly what Norfolk is. That’s what… Read more »

These Are The Cosiest Cottages In North Norfolk. Fact.

We know it probably seems like we’ve been saying this for months and months, but summer is actually, totally, factually almost over, which is the best kind of worst news because nowhere does cosy quite like North Norfolk. It’s basically that one place in England on Earth you want to be when jacket season arrives,… Read more »

The Best North Norfolk Pubs For Escaping The Cold

There is just something about stepping out of the cold and into an atmospheric public house where the log fires are crackling, the social interaction is buzzing, the beers are either the best kind of local or imported from incredibly-good-at-brewing countries, the views are coastal and the dress code reads: muddy boots and filthy dogs… Read more »

A Stay In Country Luxury…

Barefoot Retreats welcomed the team at Lincolnshire Pride to come and enjoy the truly magnificent Old Rectory for a weekend in June! Now we know that this incredible house is the pinnacle of Barefoot luxury! Being as grand inside as it is outside, the property has a stately feel that you cannot help but fall… Read more »

Violets Are Blue, But Lavender Is Luxury

We were excited to see the renovation and extension work at the beautiful Lavender Cottage in Thornham! With it being a popular property within the portfolio already it seemed almost impossible for it to get any better, turns out the impossible is possible and the changes are magnificent. With a new ground floor bedroom with… Read more »

The Holiday Next Door….

Airports, transfers, flights, delays and now… the dreaded B-word throwing everything and everyone into uncertainty, save yourself the stress and book a five star holiday on the North Norfolk coast. We present another ‘B word;’ Barefoot Retreats…   Click here to read the full article…  

Laid-back Luxury…

Imagine the scene. The rain has been hammering down the entire way. It’s dark. You find the house, unlock the front door and it swings open on to an immaculate hallway, pale-carpeted stairs stretching towards stylish bedrooms and bathrooms. The heating is on; to the left is a large lamp-lit sitting room with blonde floorboards and… Read more »

Joel’s Noel

North Norfolk is actor Joel Beckett’s home from home at Christmas, he told Tony Hall. In this busy world it’s only natural for people to want to escape the rat race. For rest and relaxation they often gravitate to the country for holidays and, of course, for Christmas. For actor Joel Beckett, who has a home… Read more »

Enchantment in Egmere

Tony Hall takes a look at a cracking coastal home in a quiet corner of the north Norfolk coast. You could be forgiven for not knowing anything about Egmere, one of Norfolk’s ‘lost villages’, villages that had ceased to exist by the end of the middle ages. Today it is a hamlet, with around a… Read more »

Superb villages you’ll kick yourself for not exploring until now!

Snettisham – We know what you’re thinking. Where? Stay with us and we’ll guarantee we’ll persuade you to visit more often! The village of Snettisham is situated on the North Norfolk coast, just a few miles from the royal residence at Sandringham and boasts a superb RSPB reserve, award winning 15th century coaching inn and… Read more »

Stately Homes of Norfolk

Many interesting and influential figures have built homes and lived lives in Norfolk amongst the peaceful grandeur of their private stately homes over the last 1000 years. Lords, ladies, Prime Ministers, King’s and Queen’s have all left their markers on the landscape, shaping the development (or destruction) of rural village communities. The most glorious examples… Read more »